About Us


Actinium Story

Founded in 2017, Actinium is a fast-growing digital agency specialized in web design and marketing communications for business community. A team of talented and innovative web developers and marketing specialists gained their knowledge, skills and experience for years in order to be able to utilize it in a form of professional and trustful digital agency.

Our Philosophy

In periodic table of elements, Actinium (Ac) is leading the series of 15 elements characterized by the enormous energy they are carrying. Likewise, the mission of our agency is to invest all our energy and talent in leading your business through the world of digital communications, speeding up your work processes and, finally, growing your business on digital market.


Our Commitments

From our vast experience we can testify that the most important lesson we learned is to listen carefully our clients, their needs and ideas, but also to have courage and offer some completely different and innovative digital solutions that would place your business above the competitors. We are offering a variety of services to empower your B2B and B2C relations.

Our Purpose

Our work is mostly focused on design and development of web-based platforms, and we guarantee the high quality of our work by offering regular maintenance and support services such as social media marketing, graphic design, content development and management, client database management, running promotional campaigns, etc. You are free to choose a set of services you need and we will tailor our support to meet your needs.

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