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Graphic Design is where artistic vision and skill meet with marketing minds. True quality graphic design for the internet is another skill set all together. Your Logo online needs to be optimized for the web, just as your brand colors, image, and marketing materials do.

Let our team help you define your image online, and integrate that into your marketing plan.

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A good Graphic Designer will be able to create a logo for a brand that is representative of their company values while using their knowledge of theory to make sure that the logo is sending the right message subliminally. No, this doesn’t mean brainwashing the customer, but they should understand what kind of message each element will send, from the colours of the logo to the weight of the lines and shapes. There’s a reason that Subway has always stuck to its bright green and yellow colours in its logos; they make people think of fresh, colourful, healthy food like they ingredients they use to fill their subs.

Other elements may not be as obvious, but there is a whole science to colours and it a smart Graphic Designer will know how to use them properly for your brand.


While the logo design should be so that is can stand alone and be recognised, it should also fit cohesively with the rest of your branding. Most of your products and marketing will feature your logo, whether it’s physical items and packaging, EDMs, your website’s header or email signatures, so it’s important to make sure that the logo fits in with the rest of the branding. It is wise as well to create different versions of the logo so it works on different backgrounds and elements of your brand. A black logo will work fine on a lot of backgrounds, but it would be best to have it in a lighter colour as well, so when it is placed on darker backgrounds it will still be striking. We will feature your logo across your websites but our graphic design scope also includes flyers, brochures, postcards, one-sheets, posters, product packaging and labels, magazines, catalogs.

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    A good logo design will work anywhere, even if it is put on a surface that it wasn’t intended for. If your company is to be featured anywhere or if you were to sponsor an event and have your logo displayed, it is important that you already have an established logo and different versions that can be used externally.

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