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Our approach to internet marketing is different. We use a fully integrated approach that is designed to use common elements acrossmultiple systems to magnify the results.

Each part of our process is designed to support and build other parts of the approach. Your website promotes your brand, products, and services. At the same time your blog promotes the same, social media engages your ideal customers, and communication tools connect.

Everyone of these efforts impacts the success of the other and the benefits to your overall SEO and marketing efforts.

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As a brand you will know what the objectives are for your website better than anyone so it is important when working with us that we make a clear and effective strategy together. It’s easy to assume that if you try everything, something will work, but targeting specific channels will save you from wasting money on ones that aren’t the right fit. We’ll discuss potential campaigns to run on these channels so that your brand can hit the ground running, or give new life to a site that has stagnated.


Making sure that your website ranks highly with search engines is a priority for us, and for that reason, when we create content for you and develop the website we will ensure that it is highly optimised for SEO. To break it down, search engines use algorithms to scan your website for keywords so that when people use these keywords, your website will be one of the results that show up. These need to be used carefully though, search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and they are very sophisticated, so simply dumping a bunch of relevant keywords in an article to the point where it is hard for the reader to make sense of it won’t work anymore. The content needs to be of good quality and useful for the reader.

Our team really understand how to optimise your website for SEO and will do extensive research on keywords that are both relative to your audience and customers as well as search engines. How do we do this? We make sure to consider SEO across your website as a whole and in all the content we create for it. There are technical aspects to consider, such as the meta-description which is the short summary of the webpage that will be displayed on search results and the content itself which should be well researched, engaging and most importantly, easy to read. Audiences don’t want a clunky bulk of text filled with technical terms and jargon that is targeted only at algorithms, and search engines can recognise that this doesn’t create a good user experience.


In order to make direct contact with your customers and run campaigns that will encourage them to buy your products a good email marketing strategy must be set up. This is something we have a wealth of experience in. We specialise in Keap, ActiveCampaign and other CRM(Customer Relationship Management) for automated workflow to make the process of email marketing smooth and effective. With this we can create referral campaigns, loyalty programs, coupon systems and more offers that can be emailed to your customers to give them more incentives to spend their money with you. We also work with a range of other platforms for newsletters like Mailchimp and SendinBlue, so there’s an option for any request.


Facebook isn’t just a great way to keep up with your friends’ latest baby photos and tag people in hilarious memes. It’s also an wonderful tool for reaching an audience based on a number of factors such as demographics, interests and buying habits. Thanks to many of Facebook’s features like life milestones and all the different kinds of pages users can follow, Facebook has a deep pool of information that is incredibly useful when creating an advertisement on the platform. What makes Facebook a dynamic marketing tool is that it lets you get very, very specific with the audience you are targeting. From the start it allows you to choose your objective, whether it be simply directing traffic to your website, creating brand awareness to introduce you to potential new customers who may be interested in your brand or showing off a catalogue of relevant goods. After that you can create the specific parameters of the ad.

There are a plethora of ways you can make your Facebook target audience more specific. For example, when you choose the target location, you can drill it down further and determine whether it’s people who live in that location, are travelling there or have recently been there. You can target people with specific interests or behaviours or exclude some from your audience as well. Then the ad itself can be scheduled to optimise when people will see it, where they will see it (there are a range of different placements for Facebook ads) and specify what you would like people to do when they view the ad. It is important that when we work with you on the marketing strategy that we figure out who your audience is and how we can use the tools Facebook gives us to reach them. Imagine all the trees that could have been saved if old school advertisers had the access to these insights and could drop their pamphlets only in the letterboxes of people who fit the right demographics and interests!


You may or may not have noticed, but sometimes when you do a Google search, the first results have a little ad icon. Those top spots have been bid on by companies all vying for attention. The company is charged for every user who clicks on their ad, hence the name, Pay Per Click (PPC). There are other avenues for PPC advertising as well as Google’s Google Ads, but that naturally is the most popular avenue since Google has the lion’s share of the search engine market. As with SEO, keyword research is very important for PPC Marketing and we would work hard to make sure we get the right ones to give your brand a better chance of success with Google Ads. The main benefit of this type of advertising is that you’ll only be paying for the successful outcomes, and as with Facebook advertising, you can target audiences more specifically to maximise the efficiency of the ads.

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