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A web developer sees things differently. He or She sees the code. They also have a deep understand of how systems, software, and tools work together. If you want to have a store, share your blog automatically on social media, or build an in-house email list. Then you need a developer.A basic 5-page website is just an online brochure until the developer gets his hands on the code and tools. This is where the magic truly happens. The code and the flawless integration of tools is where the real work gets done.Web development is key to making your website work for you and integrating that same website into a fully functional marketing system.

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One of the most important things to take into consideration when writing code, is to actually take the code into consideration. If code is being written with only the end goal in sight, it’s easy to write code simply to get there, because often taking the time to write the code cleanly will take a bit more time.

Using correct naming conventions is a great start. Different elements of the source code, such as classes, objects, methods and functions, should be given meaningful names to avoid confusion and be obvious to another programmer and the machine reading it. Spacing and formatting is vital for clean coding from a human point of view, as very few of us can look at a solid block of text without getting lost in it. It is important that this is done right however, because too many random spaces and gaps can increase the file size which affects site loading time. Consistency is also key. If we make sure all of our staff follow our conventions for clean coding (unless they have a better idea for something, in which case we would adopt this new method into our conventions), then it will be easy for our staff to jump onto different projects when needed.

A good web developer knows that they are not simply writing code for the computer to read. They will make sure that their code can be read by others, and most importantly, their future selves. We want to make sure that the code we write for our clients is clean because as mentioned before, if all of our developers are using the same coding conventions we can avoid costly and time-consuming bug fixes and rewriting problematic code. If one of our clients comes back to us months after we originally built their websites with some changes, we will be able to easily do so because with clean code, it won’t matter who is jumping in on the project as it should make sense to anyone.

It can also cause problems for the future if the code needs to be reworked or rewritten. Often the easiest solution seems to be to just rework the code to fix the problem, when it may just complicate things further and create a larger mess. Completely rewriting the code cleanly might look like it is the more time consuming option in the short term but it will save the developer finding themselves in the same dilemma down the track. It’s one of those situations where taking more time early on will save huge headaches down the track making it the most time and cost effective solution.


Page loading time is one of the factors that affect a website’s search engine rankings, as users are more likely to close the page if they have to wait longer. The longer a user is spending on your website the better; for you it means that they are reading your content, looking at your offerings and actually having a better experience. This in turn means that a search engine will recognise that your website is valuable and be more likely to rank it higher. Bad coding can affect the loading time with unnecessary elements, bad formatting and a larger file size for the source code often being culprits. By fixing these issues and keeping the code clean for the search engines it will improve your site’s SEO and bring in more traffic.

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