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We are masters of WordPress. Today more than 30% of all websites are on the WordPress platform. There are many reasons companies choose WordPress. Some do it for the access to tools that allow them to accomplish their online marketing and website efforts easily. Others choose the platform for its affordability.

It takes a high level of mastery with this platform to use all of the best plugins and software available. As true web developers we can work within any page builder platform, or even build custom templates and themes for your site as needed.

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There are a lot of CMS (Content Management System) competitors in the market such as Joomla and Bigcommerce which we also use, but none can match the popularity of WordPress. It’s easy to use while being highly customizable and reliable, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed, with many high profile brands using WordPress.

If you want the most out of WordPress for your business,then you need a web developer not just a website designer. It is an important distinction that will determine your long-term success. Developers can assure that your custom designed web store, site, or blog has the tools and set up you need to succeed.


One thing most web designers fail at is page speed. Page speed or the larger site speed is one of the many factors that Google, Yahoo, and Bing, all consider when evaluating your website. They are not as concerned with page speed or your websites speed as they are the customer experience.

Your website visitors will not wait to see your site if it takes too long to load. Instead, they will return to the search engine with the back button and just choose another site. Our job is to make certain that they choose you. That is why we make your website lightning fast.

Another major factor is SEO or search engine optimization. This is the skill set that determines how search engines see your site. Since winning SEO can mean thousands of dollars a month in free (organic) website traffic, you must have a developer that understands SEO and can implement it with your site design, and structure.

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As your Digital Agency however, we will make sure to do all of these things for you so you don’t have to spend your time searching for solutions yourself. There are so many elements involved in designing a great website with WordPress but working with us takes out all the stress.


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